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Smart Biotech Contest is the greatest academic program in biotech startup development. A chance to apply your knowledge in challenging and innovative projects. Do you sign up?

What is SBiCon?

SBiCon is an academic competition in which participants develop a startup based on a bio-innovation project.

SBiCon proposes a new educational space. A platform where students of different degrees could develop revolutionaries startups.
We are looking for multidisciplinary teams aware of ecological and social problems as promoting a circular economy, developing low-cost disease detection system, or building hardware capable of solving real problems in biobased production companies.

Two roads, thousand of possibilities

The project begins with two non-exclusive approaches. Bioware, based on biobricks and synthetic biology and Hardware, with Arduino and Raspberry Pi as a technology development platform.


Synthetic Biology
Ecological engineering
Circular Economy
Environmental Education

Hardware development

Lab technology for developing countries
Analysis Software
DiY hardware
Aquaponics Platforms
Microalgae farms

Collaborative Platform

To facilitate communication and teams progress, SBiCon has developed an interactive platform to coordinate process, store information, connect with the organization and promote collaborative work.

Educational Commitment

SBiCon is an educational project. For this, it provides an online course and other educational materials related to bio-innovation at all scales. Bites of knowledge adapted to any schedule and accessible at any time.

The Last Showdown

The last day, every team will present their projects in front of an experts committee board. You can make virtual SBiCon party the meeting point of the fresh Spanish bio-innovation coming from universities.

Change college innovation, change the world

Meet our team

Organization, support, advice, development, and implementation. The SBiCon team is ready to make possible the largest national bio-innovation contest.

Soledad Pastor

Sombradoble Project Manager

Carlos M. Guevara

Sombradoble CEO

Raúl Montañez

Research Scientist at UPF

Trust us

Ricard Solé

Research Scientist at ICREA-UPF

Carmen Beuzón

Full Professor at UMA

Eduardo Eyras

Research Scientist at ICREA-UPF

Francisca Sánchez

Full Professor at UMA

Javier Terriente

Founder of Zeclinics

Juan A. Guadix

Research Scientist at BIONAND

David Posé Padilla

Research Scientist at ERC

Carmen M. Pizarro

Research Scientist at UMA

Daniel Poglayen

Founder of MORAI Biodesign

Daniel R Amor

Research Scientist at MIT

Sergi Valverde

Research Scientist at CSIC-IBE





Registration closure and kit delivery

After the registration period, we will publish the teams and deliver the kits to start working

Presentation of preliminary projects

After four months of work, the teams will deliver the preliminary project

Sending the final memo

Upon completing 6 months working on the project, the final report will be delivered

Wiki closure and prototypes delivery

A month later we will close and receive the prototypes closed by the teams

Virtual final event and awards ceremony